Key features

Pomp type

HRMD 262-56-130

Impeller diameter

2620 mm

Suction pipe diameter

1300 mm


Mass reduction

> 60% (59,3 ton > 21,4 ton)

Improvement replacement time

25% (2800 mm > 2100 mm)

Labour reduction

75% (inner pump house and impeller)

> 75%

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Animation LightHouse

The heart of a dredging vessel is the dredge pump. But how would it be possible to make both its size and mass smaller without making concessions to its performance?

For the double walled dredge pump, IHC Merwede and Airborne Composites have jointly developed a revolutionary concept: an outer pump housing made from fibre-fortified composite; the LightHouse.
This concept has not only lead to a significant mass reduction, but also to a reduction of the built-in length and an improvement in the time required to replace the wearing parts. Moreover, this concept also paves the way to a fully automated system for opening and closing the pump, as illustrated below. 

The outcome is a substantial increase in total output of the gear and with that a reduction in the exploitation costs. In the next few months, the LightHouse will be further developed. The next step is testing the most critical parts at full scale.

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